Stage 1: Getting Started with EventsAIR

06: The EventsAIR Dashboard and Alert System

Event Professionals such as yourself need information, data and statistics to be effective at your job, and EventsAIR provides many types of proactive information. The EventsAIR Dashboard provides you with a customizable selection of data widgets, giving you stats and data snapshots across the entire EventsAIR platform. EventsAIR Alerts gives you proactive alerts inventory levels, registration activity and so much more. These alerts can be viewed in the EventsAIR platform as well as being pushed to you via email and text messages.
  • Introduction to the EventsAIR Dashboard and Alerts Panel
  • 6.1: Introduction
  • 6.2: Video Demonstration
  • Lesson 1: Event Alerts
  • 6.3: Introduction
  • 6.4: Video Demonstration
  • 6.5: Exercise
  • 6.6: Quiz
  • Lesson 2: Inventory Alerts
  • 6.7: Introduction
  • 6.8: Video Demonstration
  • 6.9: Exercise
  • 6.10: Quiz
  • Next Steps
  • 6.11 Additional Information...
  • 6.12 Wrapping Up and Moving On
  • Topic 06 Evaluation
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed