Stage 1: Getting Started with EventsAIR

01RS: Welcome to Rising Star by EventsAIR!

Rising Star by EventsAIR is the industry's leading education program for professional event planners and students of event management and hospitality programs around the world. Rising Star is accessible by independent event planners seeking to expand their expertise as well as over 70 universities and institutions who use Rising Star to provide their students with an education program in event management.

No matter what your background is, Rising Star is the ideal course to gain real-world experience in managing events using real technology used by event planners.
  • Introduction to Your Rising Star Education Program
  • Welcome to Your Rising Star Education Program!
  • Getting Started with Fast Track and Rising Star
  • Welcome to Rising Star Introduction Video
  • Next Steps
  • Moving On with Your Rising Star Education Program
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed